Client Questions and Answers:

Q. What services do you offer?

A. We offer a wide range of services from PCA to basic and intensive Waiver services. Go HERE for a complete list and description.

Q. How do I get services?

A. You will need to have an assessment done in order to determine if you are eligible to receive services. This can be requested in the following ways: *

If you are on state plan Medical Assistance, and not enrolled in a health plan, you must contact your local county agency or tribe (PDF)*

If you are on a waiver, you must contact your local county agency or tribe (PDF)*

If you are on Alternative Care, you must contact your local county agency or tribe (PDF)*

If you are enrolled in health plan, you must contact your health plan member services.

Q. Can my family member provide my services?

A. A family member can provide services as long as the recipient is not a minor and the support staff is not the legal guardian or responsible party of the recipient. The support staff must complete all required training and background checks and must obtain approval from the office to start work.

Q. How do I become a client?

A. Call any office or fill out a request on out Contact Us page to get information on how to become a client.

Q. Who do I talk to if I'm having trouble with my PCA/HM/ILS worker?

A. Contact your local office with your concerns. We want you to be safe, comfortable, and happy.

Q. Who can I talk to if my county worker isn't responding?

A. You may ask your HealthMax Client Coordinator to contact your county case worker on your behalf or ask to speak with another representative within the county.

Q. Can my support staff drive me places?

A. No. Support staff may accompany you to appointments, shopping, etc, but they are not permitted to transport you.

Exception: An ILS trainer can provide transportation only if it is necessary to complete a goal set in the Care Plan. If the activity that you require transportation to can be completed without the assistance of your ILS trainer, then transportation will not be authorized.

Q. How do I file an appeal if my services are reduced?

A. Fill out form DHS-0033-ENG , available on the MN DHS website, to file an appeal with your county OR call your HealthMax Client Coordinator and they can assist you in filing the appeal. It must be submitted within 10 days of receiving your new Service Agreement.

Q. Can I talk to anyone after office hours?

A. We do not have office staff available after hours, however, if you call and leave a voice mail with your name, phone number and reason for calling, someone will return your call the next business day.

Q. I have home making; can my support staff clean up after my pet or other family members?

A. No. Your home maker is responsible to clean up after only you.

Q. What happens if my support staff is unable to make it to my house to work?

A. Call the office and let us know. We will attempt to find a replacement, but if we are unable you are responsible to have a backup such as a family member or friend.

Q. I have ILS and am moving, can my trainer move my belongings for me?

A. No. The ILS trainer can assist you in moving preparation and coordination, but not actually move your things.

Q. What to I do if I need more hours?

A. Contact your county PCA office to request an early reassessment. They may or may not wish to see a letter from your doctor stating the need for increased hours